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Product Lines:

  • + Nursery Stock--BB and Container
  • + Tropical & Flowering Foliage
  • + Interior Plants
  • + Greenhouse Plants and Liners for growing on

T.H.E.'s Promise:

  • + Competive pricing from our growers
  • + Premier growers with superb quality
  • + Synergy in locating quality plants from multiple growers
  • + Acknowledge and confirm all orders in a timely manner
  • + Facilitate any changes on existing orders
  • + Arrange all shipping documents to your business
  • + Monitor multiple shipments as dates progress
  • + Follow up after shipments

What Makes T.H.E. Unique:

  • Quality plant brokerage sales for over 35 years
  • Access to multiple growers' pricing and availability
  • T.H.E. directly provides shipping to your business based on partial and full truck load competitive pricing using temperature-recording devices to ensure loads arrive in good condition
  • T.H.E. strives for long-term working relationships 
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